Hospitals and Organizations

Our team works with organizations to provide cancer wellness programs for your clinical team members and patients. We have evidence driven patient education tools and resources that you can seamlessly use within your organization for patients and staff. 

Our experience with national hospitals and organizations means you get tested and results driven programs for your organization.

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We build 4 life

Our program allows organization's, crossfit gym's, community centers, and hospitals to provide a proven exercise and wellness program to those persons not normally supported in an everyday exercise program. 

We provide all the tools necessary to roll out a program in your community.

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Group Classes

In partnership with Crossfit Memorial Hill, our Build Program is a functional fitness program for cancer survivors designed to reduce both physical & emotional side effects from cancer diagnosis and treatments. Our program will help you with fatigue, chemo brain, weight gain & muscle loss, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and quality of life. This program will help you to build your life better, stronger and longer. Learn More


Are you looking for individualized training or a personalized plan? Chat with us about our 1 on 1 programs from one of our certified professionals. Ask us about our in person location in downtown Mission, KS or our virtual program through scheduled video chat and email training programs.